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About Us

Who We Are

Spartan Safety Technology is a family owned company and as members of our communtiy, our mission is to make sure that we can provide the public, with alternative methods for non-lethal self defense products and educate on the best available resources of protection for themselves and their families. Living in these uncertain times, we recognize that the need for individuals to have easy acess to personal protection has never been greater.

Jason Gounaris, owner and founder of Spartan Safety Technology, an experienced IT Consultant, a self-defense enthusiast with course training in Krav Maga and certifications in other techniques and weapons, understands the importance of not only preventing cyber attacks to computers and networks but also the importance of preventing and defending oneself from a physical attack.

Spartan Safety Technology provides a comprehensive selection in first line personal security and safety, offering highly effective, quality, non-lethal devices that have an excellent track record of use by law enforcement and civilians. We take pride in educating and offering viable options for many homes, businesses, individuals and families who have the right to personal safety and property protection.

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