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10 Ways To Use Pepper Spray Effectively

Self-defense devices provide a nonlethal way to effectively escape a dangerous situation, no matter how rare. Pepper spray is an extremely effective viable option that will provide you and your family with piece of mind you need.


1. Become familiar with the product and how it feels.
2. Product knowledge, become informed by knowing what the product does.
3. The spray needs to be activated. Use a good firm grip with your forefingers using the thumb to activate.
4. Make sure you arm the spray when needed and disarm when not in use.
5. Present with authority and put it out there when threat is presented.
6. No need to be in close physical contact, you are protected from a distance of up to 10ft away.
7. You should know how many shots are available in a can of spray.
8. Need to know where to spray and how.
9. Get out of the line of the attacker.
10. Always have the spray easily accessible and be aware of your surroundings.
Practice Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray for Practice

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